We are happy to see that next to Atomico’s State of European Tech report and Vendep Capital’s report on Finnish Saas Companies, there is now an up to date report that covers the Baltics — the Baltic Startup Funding Report by Change Ventures. We enjoyed reading the report, and when going through it, came up with some additional ideas we would like to share. In this article, we aim to bring out both the common ground between our experience and the report’s data, as well as some novel aspects we find the report has not yet covered.

Deal activity


In light of the current crisis, there are already numerous tips moving around on how to manage startups — as well as mature firms — to pull through the economic downturn. Yet another crucial aspect for startups has gathered little attention — investor communication. What to communicate to existing investors, and what to focus on when the crisis hit just in the middle of raising a new round?

Before moving to some common risk factors that can often go unnoticed, we start with some simple guidelines and aspects to cover when preparing for an investor call:

  • Create a plan on…

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